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Ref. No. Division Function Designation Location
   Corporate Finance Department  Finance  FTA - Branch Accounts - Bhopal  Bhopal
   Godrej Construction  Finance  Sr. Executive - Accounts  Vikhroli, Mumbai
   Godrej Construction  Finance  Manager - Finance (Real Estate)  Vikhroli, Mumbai
   Godrej Construction  Finance  Manager - Finance (Khalapur Project)  Vikhroli, Mumbai
   Corporate Finance Department  Finance  Sr. Executive - Branch Accounts  Patna
   Internal Audit  Audit  Manager- Audit  Shirwal
   Internal Audit  Audit  Ind Trainee - CA  Vikhroli
   Internal Audit  Audit  Ind Trainee - CA  Vikhroli
   Commercial Department  Commercial  Sr.Executive - Logistics  Chennai
 10   Godrej Electricals & Electronics  Design  Manager - Machine Automation  Mumbai
 11   Godrej Electricals & Electronics  Design  Manager - IEA Business Development  Mumbai
 12   Godrej Electricals & Electronics  Design  Manager - IEA Estimation  Mumbai
 13   Godrej Electricals & Electronics  Design  Sr. Executive/Assistant Manager - IEA PLC Sales  Mumbai
 14   Godrej Electricals & Electronics  Design  Marketing & Busines Development in IEA - AMC/Repairs  Mumbai
 15   Godrej Storage Solutions  Design  Sr. Executive / Assistant Manager- Design  Chennai
 16   Godrej Construction  Design  Sr. Executive - Liasion  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 17   Godrej Construction  Design  Sr. Executive - Liasion  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 18   Lawkim Motors Group  Design  Sr. Executive - Design  Shindevadi
 19   Godrej Appliances  Design  Sr. Executive - Design (Compressors)  Mumbai
 20   Godrej Appliances  Design  Manager - Design (Washing Machine)  Mumbai
 21   Godrej Appliances  Design  Manager - Design (Refrigerator and Air-conditioning)  Mumbai
 22   Godrej Appliances  Design  Sr. Executive - Design (Washing Machines)  Mumbai
 23   Godrej Tooling  Design  Sr. Exec / Asst. Manager - Design  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 24   Godrej Precision Systems  Materials  Sr. Executive - Materials  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 25   Godrej Tooling  Materials  Sr.Exec - Materials  Vikhroli, Mumbai
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